Rhodes College
Mellon Innovation Fellowship Program

2016-2017 Faculty Fellows

Zac Casey

Assistant Professor of Educational Studies

Miriam G. Clinton

Assistant Professor of Art and Art History

Rebecca Finlayson

Associate Professor of English

Dee Garceau

Professor of History

Amy Jasperson

Associate Professor and Chair of Political Science

David Mason

Associate Professor
Chair of Theatre
Director of Asian Studies

Tara Massad

Assistant Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies and Sciences

Evelyn Perry

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Marsha Walton

Professor of Psychology

2015-2016 Faculty Fellows

Sarah Boyle

Chair of Environmental Studies and Sciences
Assistant Professor of Biology

Stephen Haynes

Professor of Religious Studies

Tim Huebner

Irma O. Sternberg Professor of History

Rachel Jabaily

Assistant Professor of Biology

Kimberly Kasper

Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Joel Parsons

Director, Clough Hanson Gallery

Elizabeth Pettinaroli

Director of Latin American Studies, Associate Professor of Spanish

Rashna Richards

Associate Professor of English
Chair of Film and Media Studies

2014-2015 Faculty Fellows

John Bass

Director of the Mike Curb Institute for Music

Michael Collins

Associate Professor of Biology

Dana Horgen

Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Laboratory Coordinator

Kendra Hotz

Associate Professor of Religious Studies

Felix Kronenberg

Associate Professor of Modern Languages and Literatures
Director of the Language Learning Center

Bernadette McNary-Zak

Associate Professor of Religious Studies

Amy Risley

Associate Professor of International Studies

Katie White

Chair of Psychology
Associate Professor

Elizabeth Daggett

Former Director, The Center for Outreach in the Development of the Arts (CODA)

Angela Frederick

Assistant Professor of Sociology
Student Fellows
  • Tiegst Ameha
  • Anna Baker-Olsen
  • Madalyn Bryant
  • Madeline Carwile
  • Erin Deery
  • Dominique Defreece
  • Grant Ebbesmeyer
  • Justice Franklin
  • Daniela Garcia
  • Ros KennyBirch
  • Sophia Mason
  • Maddie McGrady
  • Christopher Meadows
  • Aylen Mercado
  • Mitchel Trychta
  • Kirkwood Vangeli